Tips & Tricks for Successful Campaigns

Created: October 4, 2022

Tips & Tricks for Videos:

  • People are more likely to watch your videos the whole way through if you act authentically, enhance your content visually (by using natural lighting, etc) and make direct eye contact when you’re talking to the camera. 
  • The best content is content that doesn’t *feel* like an ad.  Try to create videos where plugging the app you’re promoting feels natural, and not like you’re being paid for it.
  • You have 3 seconds to get someone’s attention before they scroll away. Make sure content has a “hook” to it – whether it’s doing something physically interesting, or saying something as simple as “you guys are NOT going to believe this.”
  • Try creating “segments” or reoccurring bits of content that you can easily work pushing apps into. For example: “App of the week”, or “Game of the week”, “Top 3 things I’m obsessed with this week”, etc.
  • A great technique is to figure out the problem the app that’s being pushed is solving (lack of money, boredom, etc), search videos on Tik Tok that have those keywords (“ways to make money”, “side gig”, “bored”, etc) and directly duet the original creator’s video telling them about the app you’re pushing. Not only will the video be shown to your followers and fyp, but to that person’s followers and fyp as well!

Tips & Tricks for Boosting Your Posts:

  • Using trending audio ALWAYS gives posts a boost in the TikTok SEO algorithm (and more eyeballs on your content means more potential downloads!), so try to find trending audio and work your content into it.
  • Using trending hashtags on Tik Tok (fire emoji marked, NOT sponsored hashtags that are blue), are also a good, easy way to get extra views.
  • Similarly, Instagram recommends 20-30 relevant hashtags on each piece of content–a great, low effort way to drive more traffic to your content!
  • Going live is a great way to directly engage with your followers and demonstrate how you use what you’re promoting! It especially works with gaming apps by authentically encouraging your followers to directly play with you–make some money and have fun!
  • Why go live?
  • Going Live Strategies
  • Going Live Tips

Tips & Tricks on Utilizing Comments:

  • Have someone (or yourself from an alt account) plant a comment on one of your videos, like “do you have any good app suggestions for x,y,z” or “what’s our favorite app lately”, then make a video hyping up the app you’re promoting responding to that comment.  Another option is to have a comment placed “thanking” you.  It would be something like “I was skeptical about this opportunity but just got my SHEIN card from your profile.  Thank you!”
  • Example Here
  • Create a video where you’re talking about how much an app you’re promoting has made your life better/easier/etc and why. Then respond to your own video with a comment saying “link in b!o”, or something similar, so people who are reading the comments that are already interested in the app will have a call to action.  It is key to spell “bio” wrong to stay under the radar with the social media site.
  • How to (video)
  • How to (written)
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