🚨New App Recap🚨

Created: June 25, 2021

Finish your month with a strong performance by pushing these new apps!

Norton VPN: Up to $0.50 payout

Turn any public hotspot into a secure Wifi network and VPN. Users can surf the internet and stream their favorite content while remaining totally anonymous.  

Root: $0.35 payout

Help your followers insure their property easily and affordably. Get personalized rates and added savings through bundling coverage. 🚗🏠

Chapters: $0.50 payout

Give your followers the chance to choose their own story with this interactive game. There are never-ending options, so this game is infinitely playable! 💕

Solitare Cash: $2.50 payout

Earn real money from a classic game. Users have the option to enter cash tournaments or simply play for the fun of it with friends on this free app. 🤑

Reap the rewards of being among the first to act! 🖨💵