How to Land Your Video on Tiktok’s FYP

Created: June 26, 2024

Struggling to gain views? Follow these 4 simple tips to gain traction on TikTok.

No matter how many popular trends you may try or funny moments you capture, they might not always gain the attention you were hoping for. By following these tips, your chances of going viral will surely increase.

1. Don’t use old trends

Trends can change overnight, especially on such a high-volume platform like TikTok. To maintain your content’s relevancy and appeal to the algorithm, act fast when you see new trends emerging and abandon ideas that may become obsolete in the next few days. This will ensure that your video isn’t getting overlooked and will be seen by more users.

2. Take time and care in editing

Poorly edited videos can undermine your credibility and professionalism, which is especially important if your page’s goal is to promote brands. Utilizing properly timed jump cuts and transitions can also keep your video engaging and high quality. TikTok has extremely user-friendly video editing features and understanding how they all work will help you utilize the app to its full potential.

3. Use a trending sound

Different sounds constantly go viral, whether a popular artist just released a new single, or a funny sound bite is captured from a well-known show or movie. Utilizing these sounds can help your video catch the algorithm and encourage user engagement.

4. Avoid clickbait

Clickbait is when users are deceived by the content of your video from the initial thumbnail or title. This can cause users to not want to watch your content or engage with your platform at all. Instead of clickbait, try developing attention grabbing one-line hooks that are true to your video but still capture engagement.