Dream - Interpret Your Dreams!

Created: February 28, 2022

Sleep peacefully. Understand your dreams. Be one with your thoughts. The latest offering from Stacks is the Dream App which is here to help you and your followers to sleep more soundly and unlock the secrets of the subconscious!

You can take a look yourselves here to check the app out first before uploading your video / creative to Stacks App for approval!

Android - iPhone

💰 Payouts 💰

$1.50 per install - iOS/Android USA CA UK

$0.75 per install - IOS/Android DE AT CH NL SE DK NO FI IE IR

💡 Some Ideas for scripts 💡

1. Man, I have some pretty wild dreams. you too? Ever wonder what they mean? I do! Which is why I got the Dream app. It helps me interpret my dreams so I can better understand myself. Start understanding yourself today and download the app through the link in my bio!

2. Did you know your dreams could be trying to tell you something?While your catching ZZZ's your subconcious mind is also trying to tell you something. What? That's for you to figure out, and sometimes that can be difficult, but The Dream App makes it easier. Enter in your dream and it helps analyze it for you so you can connect with your higher self. Start connecting today by downloading the app, link in bio!

3. Want to know what helped me with my spiritual journey? Keeping a dream journal. But afterwords I'd always find myself googling things trying to inturpret them which took a lot of time. Then I found the dream app, where I can enter my dreams and it interprets them for me! It saved me a lot of time and I was able to connect with my higher-self much more efficiently. Start your spiritual journey today and download the Dream app, link in bio!

4. Dream BIG! I mean REAL big. And while your dreaming, make sure your analzying them! No. Seriously. The Dream app has changed my life. All you have to do is enter in your dream and the app analyzes it for you, reveling your deepest desires & wishes so you can be more aware and keep those big dreams alive! Start dreaming big today and download the app now, through the link in my bio.

💬 Captions 💬

#1 thing scientist recommend when trying to connect your higher self? Keeping a dream journal. And the Dream app just made it easier for you. Enter your dream and the app analyses it for you. start deepening your spiritual journey today and download the app today through the link in my bio.

Being productive while catching ZZZ's > catching ZZZ's. How? Easy, the Dream App. All you have to do is enter your dream and the app does the work for you. Make sleep more meaningful. Download the dream app. Link in bio.

Struggling to figure out life? Your not alone. Let me fill you in on a little secret, dream journaling. NO, I'm not talking about writing it down in a journal and decoding it yourself, that can take hours. I'm talking about the Dream App. You enter in your dream and it interprets it for you! That easy..start today! download the app through the link in my bio.

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