🧩 Block Puzzle - Sudoku Style - With Worldwide Coverage! $2.50 for USA, Addictive Puzzle Game your Followers will LOVE 🧩

Created: February 21, 2022

Hey Influencers! Our latest and greatest app is a super addictive puzzle game which your followers will LOVE, Braindoku is our latest addition to Stacks.app

This Block Puzzle app is strangely addicting. Your followers will come back everyday to challenge their brain and try to beat their high score. You clear sections back to back to earn combos and streaks for lots of points.

This app is converting HOT and you can promote it to your followers with ease, we have plenty of good examples and scripts for you to use for ideas.

You can take a look yourselves here to check the game out first before uploading your video / creative to Stacks App for approval!

Android - iPhone

💰 Payouts 💰

$2.50 per install for US CA AU for Android and iOS Devices

$0.30 per install Other countries for Android and iOS Devices

Bear in mind that this is totally unique to Stacks.app -- you wont find it on any of our competitors apps, the app is converting super well because its brand new and its fresh to your audience!

💡 Some Ideas for scripts 💡

I see a lot of posts on social media/this app about working out and exercise, but not a lot of content around the importance of exercising your brain. Which is why I want to share my new favorite game Block Puzzle Sudoku Style. This game challenges me and I’m able to play myself and beat my old scores OR play with others. Since playing it’s also helped my mental health too! Start breaking a mental sweat today and download the app throuogh the link in my bio to start playing!

How smart are you? I’d say I’m pretty smart.. and if you can beat my score in my new favorite game, Block Puzzle Sudoku Style, then you’re probably smart too. I challenge you to Download the app through the link in my bio and start playing me today.

Do you like wordle, but you’re better with numbers? Theres a better way to exercise your brain – Block Puzzle Sudoku Style. It challenges me, and allows me to keep challenging myself everyday. I’m able to try to beat my old scores or play with others! Are you up to the challenge? Download the link in my bio to start playing today.

Stay mentally in shape with my favorite game Block Puzzle – Sudoku Style. This game challenges me and helps me grow, I’m able to try to beat my own old scores! You’ll never grow in your comfort zone so, what are you waiting for? Download the app today through the link in my bio and expand your horizons – psychically AND mentally!

📹 Video Examples 📹

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