Avoiding Getting Suspended or Banned on TikTok & Instagram

Created: October 11, 2022

TikTok believes that trust forms the foundation of their community. For that reason they do not allow activities that may undermine the integrity of their platform or the authenticity of their users. This is one of the key reasons that TikTok will remove content or accounts that involve spam or fake engagement, impersonation, or misleading information.

Here are some tips on how to avoid getting suspended or banned in TikTok (or Instagram):

1. Avoid using the phrase “link in bio”.  Below are some alternative phrases for “link in bio”:

  • "It’s on my website"
  • "Find it on my page"
  • "Check my byo" (written in comment/text over video)
  • "Check my profile"
  • "Link in b!o"
  • “Check my beacons page”

2. Avoid pasting any direct links in your bio. TikTok wants to maximize the time its users stay on the app, so they tend to flag direct links off the app. Use a link in bio tool like Beacons (Best Link in Bio Tool for Creators | Beacons) or Link Tree (Linktree Marketplace: Browse the best apps to customize your link in bio).  This also allows you to promote any personal links, as well as multiple Stacks offers at the same time!

3. Avoid misleading people. All forms of spamming and fake engagement put your TikTok account at risk of getting banned. Sharing content that promotes fake engagement like buying or selling of views, likes, followers, shares, or comments also goes against TikTok’s community guidelines.

4. Avoid fake engagement. Fake engagement includes any content or activity that seeks to artificially inflate popularity on the platform. We prohibit any attempts to manipulate the platform to increase interaction metrics.  DO NOT:

  • Share instructions on how to artificially increase views, likes, followers, shares, or comments.
  • Engage in selling or buying views, likes, followers, shares, or comments.
  • Promote artificial traffic generation services.
  • Operate multiple TikTok accounts under false or fraudulent pretenses to distribute commercial spam.
  • Create malicious software or modify code to artificially increase views, likes, followers, shares, or comments.

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